Monitoring Desk The Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka is Severe

Monitoring Desk The Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka is Severe

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The economic crisis is severe, the government can no

longer afford to buy petrol

(Monitoring Desk) The economic crisis in Sri Lanka is severe

Due to which the government could not afford to buy petrol.

According to the prestigious newspaper The Economic Times,

Sri Lanka’s energy minister has admitted that the country is

now left with only petrol for ambulance services,

Sri Lanka’s Minister for Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera

has told parliament. There is very little stock of petrol left

in the country so now petrol can be given only to keep the

ambulance service running.

He said that petrol shipment at Colombo port has been available

since March 28 but the Sri Lankan government does not have

US dollars to pay for petrol shipments.

He told parliament that a ship anchored at a Sri Lankan

port had also given petrol in January, for which we had to

pay 53 53 million, which has not yet been paid, so the shipping

company had to lend more petrol. Refused and insisted that

she would not give us petrol without making both payments.

Sri Lanka’s energy minister has urged the public not to line up

at petrol pumps. He made it clear that petrol would

not be available until the end of this week.

Energy Minister Kanchana Vejisikara has said that credit

letters have to be opened for the purchase of petrol for which

there is a shortage of dollars, we are working to find funds,

a solution will come out soon.

It should be noted that the economic and political crisis in

Sri Lanka has intensified, due to which clashes have

become normal in the country and public and private

Property is being severely damaged by the protesters.


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